Adoption Process

First Step Apply!

Once you find a dog that may be a good fit for you and your lifestyle, please fill out an adoption application using the button below their picture. 

Interview and Virtual Home Check

We’ll review your application and if you are a good fit with the dog we will contact you via email or text requesting a phone interview. After the interview, if both parties still wish to move forward we’ll arrange a home check. We will then arrange for you to meet the dog. Only approved applicants can meet our dogs because they are all cared for in private foster homes.


When its time to take your dog home, we will collect our adoption fee plus PST and have you sign an adoption contract.

Our Adoption Process

Thank you for considering adopting with us! You are giving a homeless dog a second chance and by adopting a rescue dog rather than shopping, you are helping reduce the demand that drives puppy mills and backyard breeding. We strive to find the perfect match and are looking for committed homes for our dogs where they are treated like family for life!

If you are interested in meeting a dog for adoption, click the “Adopt” button on their profile in the “Adoptable Dogs” section and fill out and submit the application form. We will review your application and see if your lifestyle matches the needs of the dog. If you seem well suited to each other, we will contact you by phone for an interview. If we mutually agree that you are potential match, we will arrange a virtual home check and a visit for you to come and meet the dog. There are often multiple applications for the same dog. Even if your application is successful, there is no guarantee you will automatically adopt the dog you have applied for. We do not adopt out dogs on a first come first served basis – we find the best matching home for each dog.

We pride ourselves on our thorough behaviour and veterinary assessments that help us match each dog to the right person. We rehome to all different types of homes, It just depends on the needs of the individual dog.

We will be honest  if we don’t feel you are the right match for a particular dog. Please don’t take this personally! We know how disappointing it can be to hear a dog won’t be coming home with you. We will have made the decision knowing the dog’s needs and what is best for them. Factors like a fenced yard, working hours, regular holidays or other commitments, lack of dog or breed experience, your current pets, could mean your lifestyle isn’t the best fit for the dog. We would be doing a disservice to the dog, ourselves and to you if we rehomed a dog somewhere that we didn’t see as their forever home. However, this doesn’t mean we won’t have another dog in the future that could suit your family and your lifestyle.

All of our dogs are spayed/neutered with pre-anesthetic blood work done, vaccinated including DHPP, Rabies, given flea/tick prevention and a broad spectrum dewormer. We also do heartworm testing if the dogs come from an area where heartworm is prevalent and at the advice of our veterinarian. We do our best to ensure the health of our dogs prior to adoption and will provide any and all care needed such as surgeries, dental, further lab testing, x-rays etc. at the advice of our veterinarian.

You can contact us at any time for support and advice, or to return the dog, whether it has been days, weeks, months or years since you adopted your dog from us.

Adoption fees:

All Puppies up to 2 :     700.00

Small Dogs over 2:         600.00

Small Dogs over 10:       400.00

Large Dogs over 2:         550.00

Large Dogs over 7:         400.00

Some adoption fees may be lower due to a dog’s health/age. There is a 7% PST charge on all fees.

On average spay/neuter, dentals, blood work, food, grooming, medications, transportation costs etc. for each dog will cost NADRS much more than the adoption fees cover.

Why do we charge so much for senior dogs? Short answer – we have to recover some cost or we can’t help them! We love our senior rescues and they need us the most! Senior dogs have little to no chance of being adopted once they are abandoned at the overcrowded shelters when there are already so many younger dogs available for adoption too. They need the help of a rescue organization. We are happy to help them, but unfortunately the senior dogs cost us the most to rescue – including, but not limited too, geriatric blood tests and costly dental extractions and cleaning. Seniors can take more time to adopt and so will stay longer in care with us as we try to find them their suitable retirement home, which means extra cost providing them with food, grooming and other supplies needed to keep them happy and healthy while in foster care.